INSERT project consists in extending and developing the social entrepreneurship competences of educators/professionals working in organisations that provide support to migrant populations, in order to assist them in promoting social entrepreneurship to low-skilled and low-qualified adults with a migrant background, as an alternative pathway for their self-sustainability.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • To enhance the background and knowledge of educators / professionals in social entrepreneurship fields, which will facilitate them in the long-run to develop social entrepreneurial skills to learners with migrant background.
  • Improve the supply of high quality learning opportunities in the field of social entrepreneurship tailored to the needs of both educators with no prior relevant knowledge in the field, as well as of low-skilled adults with migrant background.
  • Increase the capacity of educators / professionals as trainers of trainers in social entrepreneurship
  • Promote the social entrepreneurship spirit and raise awareness on the alternative pathways to pursue self-sustainability
  • Increase labour market relevance of learning provision and qualifications and reinforce links among the world of social entrepreneurship with adult trainers and, ultimately, with migrant learners.

The primary target group of the project is educators/trainers and professionals working with adult migrants in organisations providing social and educational support to migrants. The project also targets Municipal Authorities, NGOs, Adult learning Centres, diaspora associations, and other relevant stakeholders.

The development of social entrepreneurship competences will be achieved through an extensive train of trainers programme, provided though both the means of an e-learning tool and complementary classroom training. The ultimate goal of the project would be to develop an informal network of “social learning e-centres” for educators/trainers/professionals working with migrant adults, through which the trained educators will be involved in engaging new peers to follow the training programme using the same capacity building mechanism.